Barcelona is a Mediterranean city where you can find modern and contemporary architectural jewels as well as remains of ancient Medieval and Roman civilizations.

There are parks, beautiful gardens and beaches, all to be enjoyed. Barcelona has a privileged location for congresses and events and has numerous facilities and services to satisfy all likes and needs.

Barcelona has also been the headquarters of many important events such as the 1992 Olympic Games, for which facilities such as the El Prat Airport, the Maritime Port, the Congress Palace and a multitude of hotels were constructed, with spacious lounges and facilities to hold all kinds of meetings and events. If you like football, you could go to see the Barcelona team play.

Visit Barcelona if you are looking for…

  • Culture
  • Sun and beaches
  • Wine tourism
  • Architecture
  • Nightlife and entertainment

Choose Barcelona if you would like to organize…

  • Business events: congresses, conventions, etc.
  • Business activities / team building
  • Visits to study modern and contemporary architecture
  • Workshops and outdoor training courses for professionals and amateurs
  • Attendance of sporting events (such as football matches)

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